Merry Christmas 2016

Ho ho ho! Merrrrry Christmas, one and all! (Or *whatever* holiday you may or may not be celebrating around this time of year!)

Love and *hugs* to you all (unless a firm handshake or enthusiastic high five is more your thing, in which case, pretend we did that instead–but personally, I prefer hugs.) ūüėČ

The holidays can be an emotionally mixed time. Some of us have friends or family to share the day with. That might be wonderful, or depending on your family, it could be a little stressful… And some of us don’t have anybody.

If you find yourself alone today, I know all too well how that feels. I’ve been there before. I’ve had Christmases and birthdays and other important life moments when I was all alone. I’ve shared your pain. But I’m here to tell you, there’s hope, my friend.

If you find yourself in that situation, remember that the past does not equal the future. You can change. Your life can change. You might meet someone, move someplace new, fall in love, get a new job, make a new friend. Anything’s possible. Tomorrow’s a new day. Next year is a whole new year. Anything… is possible.

Yes, even for you.

Maybe it’ll be more of the same. If you’ve got a good life and are surrounded be people you love–perfect. Keep doing whatever you’re doing and appreciate it all.

But if you aren’t living the life you want, in any area, it’s okay. It’s okay. Nothing *has* to stay the same forever. If you want a better tomorrow, we can resolve to make new decisions and start ourselves on a new path, in a new direction, today. A path that leads us to a brighter, happier, better tomorrow.

As long as you’re still breathing, there’s a chance to change; there’s hope; there’s the ability to start a new course and find a new future.

That’s one of God’s gifts to all of us. Freedom.

It’s *your* life. How do *you* want to live it?

I’m not saying every dream will be easy. I’m not saying you’ll know how things will turn out before you make your decision. But I am saying, you have the ability to choose and follow *your own* dreams. You have the power and ability to live *your own* life however you want.

Not free from consequences. Nor can we change what happened in the past that brought us to where we are now, here, today. But we do get to choose our next step. Where and how we proceed from here. What direction to point ourselves. What dreams and ambitions we want to pursue.

That’s your choice. That’s your freedom.

Take advantage of this gift.

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